Are you thinking of getting a cat but unsure whether to go to a pet store, breeder, or a pet rescue facility? Here are 4 reasons why you should get a cat from a rescue facility.

1. A Great Selection

One of the great things about adopting a pet from a rescue facility is that they have some many different types of great cats to choose from. You won’t need to go from place to place, as places like us at Critteraid have cats of all colors, temperament, and age.

2. Money Saving

You will actually same money when rescuing a cat. Many rescue facilities include spay/neutering, vaccines, and tests included in the adoption process. If you were to take a cat to your vet, you will be paying for all of those services. Some shelters may even send you home with the cat’s favorite toy, food, etc.

3. Health Benefits

Studies have shown that there are actually health benefits of owing a cat. Owning a cat can lower your blood pressure, which decreases the chance of a heart attack or stroke. Having a cat in your presence can even diminish the feeling of loneliness and depression.

4. Comforting companions

As mentioned above, cats are great companions when it comes to your mental health. Cats have also been known to help during times of grief or loss in your life.

Those are just a few of many reasons why adopting a cat from a pet rescue facility is the best option when it comes to getting a pet. For more information about adoption in the Okanagan area, contact us at Critteraid today!