Our Mission

We promote and foster animal welfare through the provision of our animal sanctuary in Summerland, education and rescue to help end animal suffering in the Okanagan.

Celebrating 30 Years of Bringing People & Animals Together

Rescued Animals

Adopted Pets


We all come from so many different walks of life, but all seem to share the same heart. We all give just that little bit and see the most amazing results and share in the triumph of what happens when a community comes together to rescue animals in desperate need.

Our Sanctuary 

We have grown from the initial cat sanctuary to include several additional divisions: Dog House Division, Critteraid Farm, Education, Outreach. We have learned to temper our growth with the number of volunteers who commit to caring for the animals.

Community support is vital to a charity like Critteraid where fundraising is constant in order to provide the necessary means for veterinary costs, operational costs and maintenance costs.

We are proud to be a part of a Board of Directors who take great pride in their fiduciary responsibility while always focusing on the animals in our care. The women and men who volunteer their time and support within Critteraid are amazing individuals who are second to none when it comes to standing tall amidst animal welfare representatives.

We welcome you to join us in our compassion efforts!

Lori Stewart
President, Critteraid

Our History

Critteraid is a place where hope has survived and that is a testament to all that have contributed. It built a solid foundation where people can rescue animals together in harmony to carry on an endeavor that started off as a dream, by the founder and past President Deborah Silk (McBride). With her vision, Critteraid became a safe sanctuary home for thousands of cats that have been abandoned or abused.

Our history is packed with people who have immense passion and compassion for animals that is truly beyond words to describe. The incredible dedication of an army of people within our community has been inspirational We are so thankful to all those in previous years that have graveled the road that we stand on. We are grateful to a beautiful community and all the volunteers that have contributed with sweat, tears and monetary gifts. The foundation they build is one to emulate for the future generations. Thank you to all, you are loved and very appreciated.


The Critteraid Board of Directors is a working Board. As an animal charity, Critteraid needs the good sense and compassion that is vital to an organization such as ours.

We assure you that the comfort, safety, and well-being of the animals in our care as well as the Volunteers who mind them, is always the primary focus of what we do.

How You Can Help