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At Critteraid, our Dog House is a unique and special place for dogs of all ages, sizes and needs. As part of our mission in animal rescue, our Dog House provides education and rescue to help end dog suffering throughout the Okanagan.

Without a permanent building, our Dog House relies heavily on the wonderful foster parents that have opened their homes to a dog in need. The Dog House Director is only able to foster so many before it is up to our community of volunteers to step up and help a pup in need.

Critteraid’s Dog House is able to provide many services to our community because of the volunteers we have opening their home, such as temporary foster care, full foster care, permanent foster care, palliative care and foster to adopt care.

Not all dogs that are in need will be below. So if you are interested in adopting, fostering or sponsoring a dog through Critteraid, please fill out one of the applications below.


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