The Dog House Division of Critteraid

Since the beginning of time for Critteraid, we have always received an alarming number of calls for help with dogs and in many cases we were able to provide the help. Over time, Volunteers committed to the development of what is known as our Dog House Division and in 2005, this division was added into the Critteraid Constitution.

After a brief hiatus, the Dog House Division of Critteraid is back stronger than ever! We are extremely proud to announce that Arlene Dunstan – Adams is the director of this division and has done wonders for the dogs in our communities. Arlene brings with her a wealth of knowledge as an ABC Certified Professional dog Trainor and Dog Behaviorist through her business Doggy 9-1-1. If you would like to learn more about the training and / or pet boarding that Arlene offers, please visit her website

Arlene Dunstan-Adams, Director

In order to operate this division as effective as possible, we will need a team of volunteers and foster homes that will be working simultaneously under Arlene’s direction. If you are willing to help out and fill any of these required gaps, please contact Arlene at or 250-809-8225 and she can explain the areas of greatest need.

Foster Homes are such amazing champions for the dogs that come into our care. They walk the dogs, play with them or just sit quietly with a dog that doesn’t understand why he/she is suddenly uprooted from the home they know. They can sometimes tell us whether the dog likes the company of other dogs or cats. It is a sad fact of life that most of the dogs we get at Critteraid have either come from an animal shelter or from an experience that is unimaginable for most of us. We welcome inquiries about fostering on a short-term or a long-term basis and it is one of our goals to have an army of foster homes available for the suddenly homeless dog or the dogs that stay with us briefly through Transition House.

We cannot embrace every canine in trouble but we will do our very best assist where needed. We have had the good fortune of working closely with Summerland and Penticton Animal Control.

We have also been extremely fortunate to have received guidance from many experts in the fields of canine behavior, legal understanding, health and wellness, and obedience. Our network of friends who come together to help just one dog, speaks volumes about the dedication of the men and women who truly are compassionate about what they do.

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