Outreach Support Program



We offer several ways to help you care for your animals in times of need.

We truly wish we could assist every request that comes to us, but unfortunately as a non-profit, this is just not possible. We have a budget to assist the public and it is based on a payback program, with no interest and arranged over a timeframe that we agree to with each individual.

We know that the reason you are reaching out is because you are facing a heartbreaking decision. Our hearts are with you and please know that we will do our very best to help in anyway we can.



Emergency Medical Assistance

  • Outreach application must have dollar amount indicated (must be filled in or we can not approve application)
  • Request estimate from your vet if you are unsure
  • The board will review your request and will contact you to discuss an interest-free payment plan via cash or via volunteer hours.

Temporary Shelter

There are many reasons why someone requires temporary shelter, and based on our available space (either at the sanctuary or through an available foster), we will do our best to help.

Food & Supplies

Life hands us all sorts of adventures.  If you are considering surrender of your pet because of the cost of food & supplies, please contact us.  If we have the ability to assist, we will.

Nail Care & Light Grooming

Sometimes our animals DO NOT appreciate the finer sides of personal hygiene! We are willing to assess and see if we can assist in handling techniques, or advise on hiring a professional if necessary.  Fill out an application to arrange an appointment for assessment.

How You Can Help