Education & Wellness

Our community involvement and wellness programs have such a special and immeasurable value to us at Critteraid that it inspired the development of our education programs within our community.

We welcome all of compassion and are super excited for the opportunity to introduce the world of volunteering and animal rescue to you.  We wanted to find a way to give back to our very community that has been supporting us for years.

Our programs are free.  The only thing it costs you is that we can’t stop you from falling in love with our critters!

Education & Wellness Programs

Leave Your Mark Program

Anxiety and Depression lurk in each of our worlds and seem to take hold more than most of us care to say.  Leave Your Mark Program is for anyone that feels that they just can’t find their footing.  We are not therapists, we are not their parents, we are not their bosses, we are a reprieve from all of it.  When they come through the gates, we take them on an orientation and they get to gravitate towards something that they like to do.  It could be reading with the kittens, petting a goat, walking a horse, mucking out stalls, painting or gardening etc.  The point to the program is, after 1 month, they get their named engraved on a tin tack plate, with the year and they get to attach it to a fence post.  It signifies that THEY LEFT THEIR MARK.  No matter where life takes them, I want them to know that what they did here, MATTERED and they left their mark. 

 It is also important that We thank 100 Men that Care Penticton,  for their donation of the engraving machine.  They believed in this program and contributed the funds to support our ever so simple of an idea.  We had the willingness and motivation, they provided the monetary to enable us to take this on. 

Kid Leadership Program

*Temporarily Closed due to COVID*

This program is all about introducing our next generation to the world of volunteering and animal wellness.  It is a platform for them to be introduced to ethical treatment of animals plus the importance of mental health. 

4 day adventure (1 hour each visit)  –  depending on how many sign up. 

  • The kids are paired up by age and pull a species of animal from a hat (cat, horse, birds, goat, pig).
  • With a Critteraid guide, for 2 days the kids are introduced to their paired animals to learn their stories and to get to know the animals (how did they end up at the sanctuary, their story).
  • Day 3 – the kids decide if they are able to do a presentation (to anyone they wish to invite) and they become the tour guide. They get to introduce someone else to their experience as a volunteer and a wellness ambassador for the animals.
  • Day 4 – Presentation Day


Seniors Wellness Program

COVID created this program and we had so much fun with it, we are now introducing it to all.

  • Senior centres contact and arrange a date and time to bring their guests that have signed up for a tour.
  • We visit the horses, goats, cat sanctuary and then have a sitting area overlooking the farm and orchards so we have a chance to have some coffee, tea and a visit together. Usually the animals follow us so we are never alone.

Other Community Wellness Organizations

Critteraid believes that there are those of us who find animals healing and therapeutic.  It is mutually beneficial as our animals benefit from the love they receive.  Please call us or email to discuss if our wellness program would be helpful to you. 

School Programs & Work Experience

Space is limited, please contact and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your specific request.