If you’re looking into dog adoption during the pandemic, you’re not the only one. Dog adoptions usually average between 20-30 per month, but the numbers are hovering around 40 per month during the coronavirus pandemic. Before you make the final decision to adopt, here are some things you should consider:

Don’t adopt just because you’re in a lock down

COVID-19 isn’t going to last forever, and adopting a dog is a long time commitment. You need to think about how much time you can commit to your dog once the economy opens back up, and you go back to work, and since you may be off work right now, are you financially stable enough to cover the costs of owning a pet.

Make sure to think about what your life will be like after the pandemic is over. You need to make sure you adopt a dog that will match your regular lifestyle, not the lifestyle you’re living at the moment.

The upsides of adopting during a pandemic

There are of course some upsides to adopting a dog in Penticton during the pandemic. Given that a lot of people are out of work or working from home, this gives them plenty of opportunity to bond with their new dog, house train the dog, and work on obedience training.

If you adopt an anxious dog, a dog who is anxious around other dogs, or on a leash, then this is the perfect time to train them. You can take the dog on walks during times that are normally less busy (like work hours), so that when things get back to normal, your dog will feel much better around people, and other dogs.

Your post-pandemic plan

If you’re out of work or working from home, things will be a lot easier for you to get in some bonding or training time. But it’s important that you think about what your life will be when the pandemic is over, and stick to that schedule beforehand. Schedule feeding times, play time, and walks around when you’d be able to do this back out work. This helps your new dog transition into a different lifestyle than they’re used to.

In conclusion, there are many things to consider when thinking about dog adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on dog adoption or adopting one of our dogs, contact us today.