Are you thinking of pet adoption or pet rescue and looking for more information? Here at Critteraid, pet adoption is our forte and we have put together some content that will help you in your decision.

Here are 8 reasons why you should adopt or rescue a pet

1. Saving a life

It is estimated that every year over 1 million adoptable dogs or cats are euthanized, mainly because there are too many pets coming into shelters and not enough people looking into pet adoption.

This number would be reduced significantly if people looked into pet adoption or pet rescue, instead of buying them. When you adopt a pet you are saving the animals life and bringing it into a warm and loving home, which the pet desperately needs.

2. You’ll get an amazing animal

Animal shelters and pet rescue facilities are full of happy and healthy pets, waiting desperately for someone to make them part of their family. Most animals in a shelter have arrived there because of human issues such as a move or a divorce, not because there is anything wrong with the animal. Most animals available for pet adoption are already house trained and have lived with families before.

3. Lower Costs

Normally with pet rescue the cost of the spay/neuter, vaccinations, sometimes microchipping, are included in the adoption price which can save you some money when it comes to the up front costs. Keep in mind that some animals may need to be house trained as well as basic training.

4. Fighting puppy mills

If you purchase a dog from a pet store, online, or flea market, you’re almost certain to get a dog from a puppy mill.

If you’re unfamiliar with puppy mills, they are factory-style dog breeding places that put the profit of the animal over its welfare. These poor animals are stored in very poor conditions with terrible medical care and can become very sick or develop behavior issues.

The mothers of the puppies are stored in cages with little to no quality of life, and are just there to be bred over and over for many years. They receive no human companionship and will with no hope of joining a loving family. When they are no longer deemed useful to the mill they are discarded. This means they are either put down, abandoned or sold at an auction.

As long as people continue to purchase a dog from pet stores or online over pet adoption or pet rescue, these mills will continue to run.

5. Your furniture will thank you

As mentioned above, most pets from pet rescue facilities are house trained, meaning your rugs, couch, bed, etc. will be saved from little accidents.

6. Pets are good for your health

Everyone knows that a pet will always love you unconditionally, but studies have shown that pets have shown to be good for you mentally, emotionally, and will improve your physical health. Caring for an animal you received from pet adoption can provide you with a sense of purpose, will give your life more meaning, and help with feelings of loneliness or depression.

7. You’re not just helping one animal

Some shelters have been known to take in an abundance of strays or abused animals every year, so if you opt for pet adoption you are making room for them to bring in other animals that need care. You are not only giving these animals a second chance at life, but the money from your adoption goes directly into the shelters fund to ensure the other animals are cared for properly.

8. Changing an animal’s world for the better

Last but surely not least, the most important reason to look into pet rescue is the fact that you are changing this animal’s entire world for the better, and you are also gaining a best friend. What more reason do you need than that?

If you’re considering pet adoption or pet rescue then contact us at Critteraid today, and we would love to introduce you to our amazing animals and answer any questions you may have.