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Help us help our local animal community! Please get involved with Critteraid today.

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Critteraid exists and operates through the goodwill, cooperation and generosity of its volunteers. We are always in need of more volunteers for a variety of activities.

Without hesitation, we acknowledge and applaud the volunteers at Critteraid who give so generously of their time to assist animals in need.

Join our volunteer team! Submit your volunteer application form today.


Volunteers are needed for shifts on every day of the week. We need people for sorting items, pricing items, cleaning, and store cashiers.

Current hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday:  12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Sunday – Monday:  11:00 am – 4:00 pm    Store is closed. This is the day for the cleaning and sorting crew.

If we are able to get enough new volunteers to assist in running the store, we will be able to increase our hours.


Experience with WordPress is an asset but not a requirement – we would be willing to train the right person! This Volunteer would keep the website updated with adoptable animals and current events.

Oversee all aspects of the website and work closely with Directors from each division.

This Volunteer should be a member of Critteraid, and have access to a computer with email.

Please reply to 250-494-5057 (leave message)


Daily housekeeping is a must and Volunteers commit to cleaning the 5 cat rooms and the common room at the sanctuary. Chores range from changing kitty litter, washing floors, cleaning food dishes, topping up food and water to cleaning windows, outside runs and doing laundry.

There are never enough people to help with Manis and Pedis!

We could use transportation Volunteers to drive the cats up to TriLake Animal Hospital in Winfield from Critteraid Farm. Critteraid covers fuel costs. On-call or Saturdays. Sometimes these trips can just be to work with our Director in charge of the Cat Sanctuary to help carry the crates.

On occasion, we require foster homes for cats belonging to women going into Transition House. This foster arrangement can be as long as 30 days and Critteraid funds this Program which may include veterinary appointments, picking up food, kitty litter, etc.

Overseeing this special part of our Education Program, as a Supervisor, Volunteers will ensure that chores are available for the student and teacher and that they are completed satisfactorily. Monthly report to Director in charge of Education.


The Dog House Division of Critteraid is proud to announce the success of this program and the appointment of Arlene Dunstan-Adams as the director in charge. This division has come out of hiatus and is stronger than ever! Please contact Arlene at 250-809-8225 if interested in volunteering.

Each operational division of Critteraid requires representation on the Critteraid Board of Directors. Our Board is a working group of individuals and Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to our members and to the public. But, most of all, Directors plan, develop policy and procedure for the organization, fundraise for the animals under the Critteraid umbrella and efficiently manage the Critteraid operation.

This Volunteer works closely with the Director in charge of the Dog House Division. Organizes all team components and structure such as Administration, Foster Homes, Groomers, Liaison, Vet Visits, Home Visits, Training, Transition House, and Outreach Requests.

Sometimes the dogs that come into our care arrive in less than ideal conditions. We are always grateful for the generosity of Groomers who tend to these dogs with patience, compassion and love.

We are always in need of Foster Homes to care for the dogs that we bring in. For those interested in becoming foster homes, Request to Foster forms are located on the website and we would be happy to get paperwork started so that we are ready when there is a need. The Doghouse Director works closely with the Foster Homes to ensure that the dogs and the families are well suited. Many of the dogs that come into our care, stay with us for extended periods of time. Ideally, every foster home requires another safety net foster home to allow for respite or simply for families to maintain their regular lives. Our Foster Homes are fully supported by Critteraid for all related costs.

We also require Foster Homes for dogs belonging to women who are going into Transition House.


For all of our Volunteers, your personal safety is always our primary concern. You will never be requested to work in an area that you feel vulnerable or unprotected. We want your Volunteer experience to be a happy one – one that will allow you joy, pride, compassion and respect.

Anybody can be trained to muck out stalls, paddocks and pastures. In fact, it’s a great gig for one-on-one time with our pigs, cows, alpacas, ducks and horses. It allows one to reflect on the day with meditation, allows for fitness and provides amazing inspiration. We request that Volunteers commit to one day a week minimum for 1-2 hour shifts.

Even the pasture animals need spa time! For more experienced Volunteers, hooves need attention, coats need brushing, tack needs organizing, teeth need checking.

The connection between animals and children can be a unique shortcut to everlasting friendship. For people who love teaching and sharing the company of donkeys, alpacas, cow and horses, this is a platform that showcases joy, compassion, unity and respect.

As part of our Education Program, a Farm Guide allows requests for visitors to meet the animals at Critteraid Farm, including the cats. Using “Lessons Learned”, it is our hope that the public will become familiar with the stories of the animals in residence and retell them often.What the animals don’t eat, needs to be tidied up always. Training required.

We have a number of projects at Critteraid Farm that can be started and completed and some that just require maintenance.

What the animals don’t eat, needs to be tidied up always. Training required.

Endless tasks.

From carpentry, plumbing and electrical to moving manure around for composting, there are oodles of things that need doing around Critteraid Farm.


For all of our Volunteers, your personal safety is always our primary concern. You will never be requested to work in an area that you feel vulnerable or unprotected. We want your Volunteer experience to be a happy one – one that will allow you joy, pride, compassion and respect.

We place our Charity Tins throughout the entire Okanagan and we need Volunteers in different communities to drop off and pick up these tins. Volunteers report to the Director – Charity Tins, who records the information garnered from each location.

It is our pleasure to do the Coatcheck at the Okanagan Fest-Of-Ale each April. Volunteers get to work in a very lively environment and meet all sorts of wonderful people. In addition, our Volunteers are often requested for Coatcheck for other yearly functions.

Critteraid usually hosts one or two Raffles each year. Volunteers are asked to set up a table at the Penticton Lakeside Resort lobby or other venue and encourage visitors to buy tickets. MUST BE 19 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Well behaved dogs welcome!

We often have posters to advertise fundraising events, courses and animals for adoption. But, we ALWAYS need help delivering these to veterinary offices, animal supply stores, and other businesses that support us with displaying our posters. Great way to meet people, too!

Our Director – Administration will have a ton of opportunities for Volunteers including filing, filing and more filing.

We know there are actually people out there who seriously like to do Grant Applications. We are sleuthing you out!

Armed with a Letter of Authorization, we need people to help bring in donated prizes for the annual I Heart Animals Banquet in February, the Mutt Strut in June and the BowWow BBQ in September. We would love to be able to have prizes for our Volunteers at the AGM, too!


From time to time, we may have Guinea Pigs in our care. When we do, we seek out experienced volunteers or volunteers who are wanting to learn about caring for the wee pigs. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining their well balanced and healthy diet, housekeeping and participating in our Education Program