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What are the process and fees for adoption?


  1. Complete the adoption application form here.
  2. We will review your form to assess suitability for animal adoption.
  3. We will contact you to schedule a time to visit the Cat Sanctuary and pay the adoption fee. Usually this happens within 48 hours of receiving your completed form. Please bring a cat carrier with you for your new friend’s journey home.
  4. Take your new furrever friend home! Most of the time you can take your new family member home with you on the same day as you visit.

Adoption Fees

All adoption fees cover spay or neuter, vaccines, dewormer and microchip, and include taxes.

Fees are payable by cash, debit, credit or e-transfer on your visit to the Cat Sanctuary or Dog House.


$250.00 – Kitten / cat under 1 year old
$350.00 – Pair of kittens/cats under 1 year old
$150.00 – Cats over 1 year old


$500.00 – Puppy / dog 1 year old or under
$375.00 – Adult dogs 2 years and over
$275.00 – Dogs that are of a senior age for their breed/breed mix


  1. All of our kittens are indoor only, no exceptions.  Depending on the story of our older cats – some may want an indoor / outdoor arrangement and that would be advised at time of adoption.  Majority are indoor only unless leash trained, or in an enclosed catio.
  2. Kittens under under 5 months old cannot be adopted, however can leave unfixed on a Foster to Adopt Contract. Our vet requires that the kittens be at least 5 months old before spayed or neutered. Once they are fixed, we change the contract to adoption. We work closely with the new family to arrange a vet appointment, and the cost is covered by Critteraid.