Lori Stewart / President

Critteraid President

I came to Critteraid in September 2013.  The pressures of the world were all around and I found my time with Skippy and Maya the donkeys’ gave me moments of peace.  The magic of Critteraid started showing itself the more I was here. 

I decided in 2018 to join the board as the Pasture Director, and in 2019 became the President.  Its my absolute pleasure to be here and I am thrilled to be a part of this community. For many of us, we cant find the perfect words to explain the reward in volunteering here. Most of the time it simply feels like such an honor to experience this first hand.  

For all the hours I put in, I still go home thinking I got more out of that day than I put in. How unique and extremely special this sanctuary is to me.


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