Okanagan animal adoption gives a history lesson

Animal sanctuaries have been in Canada for the better part of 152 years now. Almost every city you visit is sure to have some form of shelter. Our local readers are definitely aware of the number of Okanagan animal adoption centers. During the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, pet rescues saw an influx in adoption. This only further drew awareness towards the extensive number of animals seeking adoption. But, now how does this relate to this history of adoption in Canada? Well, in the year 1824 in England a Reverend–Arthur Broome and Lewis Gompertz–founded a society that would protect the health and well-being of animals. In the 1840s this society was then formally established as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Following this initiation, a man named Henry Bergh took it upon himself to introduce the RSPCA to North America. In 1866 the very first SPCA popped up in New York. Not long after, Montreal inaugurated the first SPCA in Canada. Subsequently, a series of SPCA’s began to crop up all across Eastern Canada. Each one was mostly dedicated to ensuring horses were given adequate care. As the years went on this initiative progressed and extended to the care of household pets. Since then, shelters have been fighting to protect the fuzzy friends of Canadians using the provincial SPCA or Animal Protection Acts. These regulations allow certified people to investigate and rescue animals from unfit owners/households. 

Getting your pet from an Okanagan animal adoption center is crucial!

In 2017, animal shelters across Canada were at capacity. Then in an odd turn of events, the COVID-19 pandemic had people from everywhere wanting to adopt a pet. Lonely, bored, and seeking some change, first-time pet owners were showing up by the masses to adopt a fuzzy creature. This was great news for many of the shelters and Okanagan animal adoption centers. However, now that we are exiting the pandemic, many people are returning to the shelters with their pandemic pets. Owners are beginning to remember why they didn’t have a pet in the first place. Mostly due to full-time reinstatement at work. Overcrowding at shelters is becoming an issue in Canada once again. 

This is why we at Critteraid urge you to come to adopt a pet at our Okanagan animal adoption centre today. If you are interested in getting a new companion to lighten up your home, you can view our cats and dogs waiting on their furrever homes below.