Moving homes can be stressful enough for you as the owner – let alone your furry friend. Which is why our animal sanctuary is dedicated to giving you the tips and advice you need for a smooth transition. This will help ensure your house creature transitions without any bumps. If this is your first time moving with a pet, follow along as we go through some helpful information. Here you will find guidance on sourcing new healthcare, reducing stress, and housekeeping duties!

Moving advice from Critteraid

As you look towards moving homes, there are a few things you must organise for your fuzzy friend(s). First and foremost, ask yourself how will their healthcare change? The answer to this question will likely be dependent on the location in which you’re moving. If you are choosing to remain in your current city, then the pet’s veterinarian can remain the same. However, if you’re moving to a completely new city, you will need to transfer their records to a vet in that area. Visit your pet’s current doctor prior to moving to sort out things like vaccinations, transfers, and pre-move check-ups.

Maintaining normality is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress for your animals when moving homes. This assures them no radical changes are being made to affect their day-to-day lives. Leaving everyday items such as their favourite toys, water dishes, food dishes, and beds can establish a sense of normalcy. This will reduce anxious behaviour and keep your pet feeling good until moving day.

Updating your records will be necessary no matter where you move – same city or across the country. Since your address is changing, your animal’s records will become outdated. This also means your pet’s tags and some documentation will need to be renewed. Contact your current vet to get help with this step. 

Moving homes is stressful on your animals. They’ll thank you for taking time to ensure their security during the transition. For more information on how to move homes with a pet, contact us at Critteraid today! We’d be more than happy to help you during this time  Check out our social media for the latest updates and news!