Teddy and Tex

They call us their "fire babies" as we came from a farm that had to be evacuated.

My new family drove 3 hours to get me and I was nervous so I introduced them to my Twin brother Tex.  They didn't know about Tex, but they sure wanted him after they met him.

So at 5 months old, we took our first car ride with my Aunties to Critteraid.  There is stuff all over the place to climb on and apparently, we are cute as buttons.  I am so thankful they let my brother stay with me.  Its nice to have someone my age and he deserved to live here too.

We both have adjusted over the past couple years and welcomed more family that we get to show them around.  Its been wonderful to meet all these new people.  Did you know we have nannies that visit us, play with us and they say its an "actual volunteer position".  The only position I know is one that gets me better pets and snuggles so I guess that's a good thing.  I would welcome more of that, yes please.

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