It has taken my mama an entire year to be able to write my memory for my memorial.    I hope she knows I KNOW she loved me and I truly loved her too.  My last full day was June 18, 2022 and I just remember seeing her beautiful face telling me how much she loved me.  Thank you critteraid for all the love and a life I could have only dreamt of. 

When I came to this farm in the winter of 2017 and it was sooo cold that they had to keep me in the house until I was medically sound and I darn well took my time as I got pretty used to sleeping on the couch.  I spent my days wandering from pen to pen seeing if anyone had a better breakfast than me plus I took my job as the official Mayor of Critteraid pretty serious.  No one was able to come or go without greeting me and me checking to see if they had treats.  Oh how I loved to just tag along and spend the day with may favorite peeps.  

My life was perfect.  I had baths, scrubs, loves, snacks and lots and lots of friends.  I got to go on car rides, go for walks, new what freedom was and my favorite was camping.  Sitting in or on a blanket with my people watching the sun rise or set seems like the best memories.  How much fun we had.  Thank you mama, thank you critteraid and thank you for all the help I needed in the end.  Your love was pure love.  


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