John Deere

Hi, John Deere here.  Named after a farming manufacturer but I really like my name.  I am one of a three-pack (Ash and Sahara), we are the best of friends and just cannot be separated.  Wherever one of us is, the other two are not far away.  I have been told that I meow like a girl but to me it sounds like the roar of a lion!  Once I get to know you, I will always be loyal to you and answer your calls for love and cuddles, along with my buddies.  Once you have one cat, two or three, doesn't really make a lot of difference.  We will love you unconditionally, we just want a home of our very own.  Oh, by the way, I am 4 years old.



Length of Stay at Critteraid

500-1000 Days

Life Stage


Type of Animal


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