Hi everyone. I feel like I live in the best place ever. I am the oldest cow in our pasture, five years old and have to babysit sometimes, but I don't mind. My mama and Aunties tell me that I am amazing at it and truth be told, I have so much fun with them it doesn't seem like a chore at all. I tell them how good they have it. I had a rough start in life and I may have lost my tail and my ears look funny but my heart has healed and we are thankful that we are all safe and secure.

My favorite past time is wearing anything I can lift, as a hat. I can accessorize with a Water trough to a wheelbarrow Somehow I can pull off either look with any outfit. I also like to play tag. I don't get to play often as my mama Lori is mostly the only one in the pasture with me, but sometimes a new person brings food and I ask them if they want to play. They never want too and they just drop my food and run. Oh well, mama says to never give up so I'll keep asking any new people to play.

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