Our beautiful Chester developed cancer that moved to his bones.  At the tender age of 6 extremely full years, with great sadness, we said good bye to Mr Grumpy pants on February 13th, 2023. 

"Everyone thinks I'm Grumpy so I am here to set the record straight...... I am super grumpy but that doesn't mean I don't like special treatment. I love it when my family sets my extra snack of breakfast pellets in our secret spot in the barn away from the rest. I sometimes just need a moment to eat in peace. I also am super appreciative that even though I am talkative and startle easy that you come back and brush my back. It gets super itchy and I just can't ever reach that spot that you can" 

This was his write up which I like to keep intact so we get a moment to look back and smile at his individual characteristics.  For us that were privileged to spend time with Chester, we can hear his grunts and judgements lol.  He was extremely vocal but super sensitive all at the same time, which made him his own special dude.  We love you Chester, thank you for the laughs and love.   The last photo we took together was representative of all our bonds.  I stayed with you and when I looked up, all your babies were lined up in solidarity and support.  I was witness to one of this life's unexplainable moments of total love.  We were all with you.

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