Bronwen is one of the Mother's Day Gang.  She was originally Bro, until our vet called to say the neuter would have to be a spay instead!  She is coming up to 3 years old.  She was adopted but unfortunately due to illness she came back to us.  Once a Critteraid cat, always a Critteraid cat is our motto, and she was welcomed back with open arms.  She was upset to be back, and we have had to win her around again.  She is still shy but learning every day to trust that little bit more.  She is not really too interested in having feline friends and would do well in a quiet home with just her special person or people.  Younger children may prove to be too much for her, loud noises and sudden movements make her nervous.



Length of Stay at Critteraid

500-1000 Days

Life Stage


Type of Animal


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