Hi, I'm Ash one of the three-pack, John Deere and Sahara are my besties!  Not sure why the people here at Critteraid like this photo so much, they say it shows my quirkiness but if it gets us all the home, we know we deserve, I am prepared to give up my dignity for the cause!  We are the best of friends and just cannot be separated.  Wherever one of us is, the other two are not far away.  I can be the most stand offish of the three, but the others give me the confidence I need to show you my favourite yoga moves.  Once I get to know you, I will always be loyal to you and answer your calls for love and cuddles, along with my buddies.  Once you have one cat, two or three, doesn't really make a lot of difference.  We will love you unconditionally, we just want a home of our very own.



Length of Stay at Critteraid

500-1000 Days

Life Stage


Type of Animal


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