“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

The Cat Sanctuary

The Summerland Cat Sanctuary is the “flagship” of Critteraid. Operating at more than capacity, the sanctuary encompasses one floor of the house at Critteraid Farm. Floors are heated and rooms designed in order that the cats can enjoy the natural light from outdoors. Visitors can spend time with the cats in the rooms or can observe the cats through the glass doors.


The Dog House

Since the beginning of time for Critteraid, we have always received an alarming number of calls for help with dogs. In many cases we were able to provide the help. Over time, Volunteers committed to the development of what is known as our Dog House Division and in 2005, this division was added into the Critteraid Constitution.


CritterAid Farm

In July 2005, Critteraid purchased a beautiful 10 acre spread which we have called Critteraid Farm.  The move to the Farm was bittersweet after many learning and memorable years in Trout Creek. The result though is a comfortable, bright and easy to clean sanctuary for our feline wards and barns and pasture for Skippy and Maya, Lady Antebellum, Noah, Eli, Zach, Malachi and Gideon and Avalon, Hutch, Wildfire and Rainbow.


Project Equus

In February of 2009, Critteraid volunteers met over coffee to discuss the heartwrenching issue of the free-roaming horses in the Penticton/Summerland area. Over time, with a lot of research and a lot of input from equine savvy individuals, the Project Equus initiative was borne.


Outreach Program

Critteraid initially started this program in 2011 to assist the transient fruit pickers throughout the Okanagan with donations of pet food, leashes and collars for their dogs. The Program has developed to include assistance for people who manage feral cat colonies, sponsorship of interest-free loans for veterinary services when monies permit, and provisions of pet food for the downtrodden. With all of this, comes the necessity for special fundraising throughout the year to try and support this program.



From time to time, Critteraid presents or sponsors presentations and programs on various animal welfare topics.


There are six main divisions of Critteraid all of which require invaluable volunteer effort and generous donor support. Please consider lending your time, energy and donations to those who can’t speak up for themselves.