The Basics

Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male
Medical: n/a


I was hit by a car and ended up in the loving hands of Critteraid, but now that I am healed up and am my own man I am ready to find my lifetime human companion. I am a sweetheart of a boy and my looks have been compared to that of a kitten.

Perfect Match

Someone who is ready to give me all the love and attention that I deserve and need, with that I will be sure to purr graciously as a thank you for your tender loving touch. I also require to be the only love in your life, of the pet kind that is, as I feel only I can meet the standards of what true fur love can be for you.

Ideal Date

First we’d play some games and then we’d move on to enjoying a delicious gourmet canned food dinner. I also wouldn’t complain if treats were involved at any point of the date or full body pets as both are always well received by yours truly.

Adopt Socks


January 6, 2017




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