Yes! It’s that time of year again where many feral, semi-feral and unsprayed female cats are getting “knocked up”. Pardon the “French”.

What to do? There are as many opinions out there about this issue as there are kittens.

Fact, though, is: It’s not their fault! The discussions are ongoing, and hopefully someone will eventually come out with the gold standard of how to address this issue in our communities. In the meantime, Critteraid has all hands on deck, to help those deserving little guys to get the start into this world that they deserve. With the kind selfless help of a local vet and under the guidance of our animal director, we are all pitching in to make sure the outcome is a good, solid, healthy life for all of them in our care. Currently, we have over 20 kittens in our care and they are thriving. It warms the heart to see these little guys making progress every single day.

If you agree with our approach, we are hoping that you can find it in your heart to donate today. It will help us to continue with our work to get them off to a great start. Thank you!

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Kittens, Kittens, It’s Raining Kittens

May 3, 2019




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