Rocko is a male, pitbull cross dog, only 8 months old. He is the life breath of his guardian, Todd, and has helped Todd through some incredibly tough times. Todd is on a medical disability due do seizures.

Critteraid received a call from a very good friend of Todd’s after Todd had exhausted every avenue for assistance for Rocko when he became ill. Rocko could not stop vomiting – green and very smelly vomit. He was totally lethargic and terribly depressed. Liquid diarrhea. Todd and friends managed to gather enough money for a veterinary exam but they could not get an appointment until late in the afternoon. When Todd’s friend called us, we already had made arrangements for another dog to go to TriLake Animal Hospital in Winfield, BC (just north of Kelowna) so we got back on the phone and they said to get the dog in immediately.

Rocko was admitted into the hospital with suspected canine parvovirus where he was treated by Dr. Eliot Kaplan and Dr. Jean-Francois Carmel. “Parvo” is a horribly contagious virus that is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. Todd was told that Rocko was vaccinated when he got him. Vaccines can prevent this infection, but mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases. We asked Todd’s friend to counsel Todd on Rocko’s very guarded condition. When we called the next morning, we were all so relieved to learn that Rocko had made it through the night. But, by no means was he out of the woods. He was on IV fluids, antibiotics, had bloodwork and medications, including a blood transfusion.

With every passing hour, we all became more hopeful and soon we were able to let Todd know that Rocko would be coming home. It was an extremely harsh week for both Todd and Rocko.

At time of writing, Rocko has had a recheck and has been vaccinated. He is so attached to Todd and clearly happy to be back at home, although he was starting to really like all the pampering at TriLake.

Through the kindness of Critteraid friends and family (thank-you Teri, Ranette, Jean, Sabrina, Deanna) and the compassion and generosity from Drs. Kaplan and Dr. Pulfer, the amount remaining on Rocko’s veterinary bill has been reduced to $875. That is less than half of the full invoice.


April 15, 2014