Name: Petal **Special Needs**
Breed: Akbash / Great Pyrenees Cross
Age: 4 years old
Weight: Approx 50lbs – Needs to gain more before adoption.
Gender: Female
Medical: Awaiting spay
Personality Bio: When Critteraid first saw me, they saw a little petal that had fallen from its flower. They saw inside me what I could become and took a chance to bring me out of my shell. My name is Petal and you may not realize the steps I have taken to get to where I am now. I have a ways to go, but with some patience, training, consistency, and understanding; I could make a wonderful companion for you. I am not a dog-park dog, but I have gone on large pack walks with dogs whom I have been introduced with properly without a problem. I have some possessive issues that I am working through. Because of this, I cannot go to a home with other animals or small children. I need someone whom has experience with fear and anxiety in dogs, as I am a special case and deserve an extra special home to call my own.
Dogs: No
Cats: No
Children 10+: No
Children 10-: No
Status: Not available for adoption yet, behavioral assessment will be done before being put up for adoption.
Adoption Fee: $300.00


May 28, 2019




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