Midge is a female, blue heeler cross dog. She is a working dog and tends to a herd of goats in the Tulameen. In April of 2014, Midge was shot in her left front leg.

RCMP took the information from Midge’s guardian regarding the shooting but were not successful in finding the person who shot Midge at fairly close range. Her dew claw was literally blown off. We were very fortunate that Midge was able to see Dr. Linda Kaplan and Dr. Autumn Pulfer of TriLake Veterinary Hospital in Winfield. Dr. Pulfer did the surgery and removed several pieces of bullet from Midge’s leg. Although Midge’s prognosis has been considered guarded as to whether or not she will lose her foot, at the time we are writing this, Midge has had two revisits with her own vet and she is healing well.

Through the kindness of Critteraid friends and family (thank-you Teri, Ranette, Jean, Sabrina, Deanna, Linda, Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Pulfer, Ron, Chris, Shirley, Angie and Shawn), the amount remaining on Midge’s veterinary bill has been reduced from $875.72 to zero. While all our Outreach animals have compelling and urgent tales of need, Midge’s story has struck a chord with many of our supporters. We are very, very grateful for the generosity shown to this very special dog.


April 10, 2014