Name: Marvin
Breed: Labrador / Siberian Husky Cross
Age: 1.5 – 2 years old
Weight: Approx 50lbs
Gender: Male
Medical: Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.
Personality Bio: Hello! My name is Marvin, I was found in a dumpster with my puppies and was thankfully rescued by some really nice people. Once I got to Critteraid, I was so far away from where I started, I didn’t know who anyone was or even where I was. But I soon found out that there are these amazing things humans live inside called houses. It’s warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s warm outside. They are wonderful, there are couches for snuggling on and I never have to wonder where my next meal will come from. I am still a puppy at heart and am learning all the things a dog a little younger than I would be; so please be patient with me. I am living in foster care right now with dogs, cats, and ferrets; and I love all of them as my friends. With a little love, training, attention and consistency, I promise to become you new best bud! I would love to go camping or hiking with you; or maybe we can just sit at home and watch Netflix? As long as you promise to share the couch, and the popcorn!

I am in a foster home right now, but I am looking for a new foster parent as well… If you can help, check in with our dog house director.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Children 10+: Yes
Children 10-: Yes
Status: Needs foster home


May 28, 2019




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