Sweet, unbelievably sweet, Madison aka Maddie.

Our dear love. The queen of the dryer and the matriarch of the common room of the sanctuary.

We will miss you so much. We will miss your delight in having us stop cleaning or folding laundry to scratch behind your ears every 5 minutes. We will miss seeing you curled up in a cozy bed with one of your favourite housemates.

You were loved by so many and because of that had lots and lots of cookies. We like to think in heaven you have infinite cookies and the world’s best bed .. probably still a dryer!

We know you were quietly brave and suffered through a sneaky tumour which proved to be too difficult to fight and we take comfort in you being at peace and pain free.

We hope you know how much we all adored you (we think you do!!). 💜thank you to all who shared their time and love and support to our Maddie.


December 16, 2016