Name: Leo
Breed: Dutch Shepherd cross
Age: Approx 8 months
Weight: Approx 40-45lbs
Gender: Male
Medical: Awaiting neuter
Personality Bio: It is said that Leo’s love the finer things in life and love to be the center of attention, and yep that is all me! I did not know there was anything better than living on a chain outside in the heat, sun, cold and snow. But I was rescued by some wonderful people and then Critteraid took me in. I am now in a foster home that is showing me all the wonderful things I didn’t know existed before. Things like treats, toys, playtime, walks, and this really amazing thing called a couch. Did you know they are SO comfortable!? I sure didn’t, but I sure do now. I am a sweet, loving boy who is living with another dog and a cute 18 month old human that I cannot get enough of. He loves to throw the ball for me, and his mamma takes me on walks every day. If you can give me the exercise, attention, training and love that I need for the rest of my life, please come meet me; I’m awesome!
Dogs: Yes
Cats: A dog-savvy cat is a possibility, but I am just a puppy and am interested in going up into the face of cats.
Children 10+: Yes
Children 10-: Yes
Status: Not available for adoption yet, waiting on full medical.
Adoption Fee: $400.00


May 28, 2019




Available for Adoption, Dogs, Sponsor