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Catstonville Colony

Feral cats are forgotten souls. We are on a mission to change this for them in the Okanagan. To us, rescue is not a verb, it is a promise! We need our community’s support to help us continue with this mission.

Our response team was called to the Shushwap in February this year. The tenant on a farm had to move out as the building was condemned and will have to be demolished later this spring. The tenant had been feeding a colony of 30 plus feral cats for a long time, but after his departure, no one was looking after these boys and girls any longer. A concerned neighbor asked for our help, so the cats would not be injured or killed during the demolition process.

The Critteraid team has been thinking on their feet and within a few days were they not only able to find a new outside home on a large farm for the entire colony, but they also had many of them vet checked, spayed and neutered and now released to their new home.

The process is still ongoing and we are hoping to be able to cover the vet bills for these deserving creatures. We are grateful for any donation you can make to help our cause to get these cats off to the second part of their healthy, much better life.

Our sincerest Thank You,

Critteraid, our critters and all our volunteers.


May 3, 2019