Remember the little girl in Grade 4 who stood by the fence and watched the other girls play? Was too shy to join in but loved the action? That’s a little bit like Meadowlark. Originally a feral off the streets of Oliver, Meadowlark came to Critteraid in 2007 when she was a year old. She now looks forward to the human touch. Meadowlark can be picked up and held (a good indicator for domestication). She still is a little shy at first, you know, like in Grade 4, but she’s perfectly adoptable to a patient and understanding person.

Meadowlark is a spayed female, brown tabby with green eyes. She has no health issues. She is excellent with other cats and actually enjoys their company. It would be too much of a push for her to share living space with a dog, at least at this point in time.

Adopt Meadowlark


November 1, 2016