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This gorgeous mom and daughter were adopted by a couple that live in Nanaimo and they are now enjoying the nature channel from their very own window where they get to see birds flutter about and squirrels scurry along their day. They were welcomed by a long haired orange boy who is turning 14 this year as well as 2 dogs. Everyone is in the process of meeting each other and it is going great. The mom has been renamed Daisy, with us she was known as Charlotte, and her daughter’s name was kept as Arabel. Daisy likes to jump the baby gate that is used to help with integration and has been enjoying some extra exploration. We can’t wait to hear about what she thinks of the fish entertainment unit that is kept inside as we are sure she’ll be finding that sooner rather than later! Thank you so much to Carolyne Keough and Mike Keough for adopting these two gorgeous girls and making your home theirs and showing them that love is all around them and surrounds them each and every day for the rest of their lives! We think they look pretty happy with the change of living as strays in Penticton to having their own true family in Nanaimo!

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Daisy and Arabel

February 17, 2017


Daisy and Arabel


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