Hi! It’s me, Vixen. I came to the farm on a cold winter’s day last year, just before Christmas, together with my step-brothers Dancer and Prancer. I was only 17 days old and the fate intended for us was to be a waste product. But… oh boy! Fate changed. Instead of being chucked out like garbage, we were saved and now, a few months later, we are able to live our best life on the Critteraid Farm.

Once again, the Critteraid team made the impossible possible. They kept us fed, warm and clean round the clock for weeks on end, so that we now get to experience the warm light of spring and can frolic in the sunshine, nibbling away on fresh green blades of grass with our other cow friends Chyna, Gabe and Annabelle.

We are beyond grateful, but our care is ongoing and in order to keep thriving, we will need your support. The new weather patterns make hay prices go through the roof and there is the occasional vet check up…..soooooo….may we count on you?? Please come and see us sometime and find out just how super cute we are….

Yours, truly, Vixen, Dancer and Prancer

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Vixen, Dancer and Prancer

May 3, 2019


Vixen, Dancer and Prancer