In February of 2013, Critteraid assisted a little male, senior Shih Tzu Mix, named Bucky. Bucky’s guardian was terribly worried because he was having difficulty eating, his breath smelled horribly, he had growths all over him that she was concerned about and he kept shaking his left ear. Dr. Pulfer and Dr. Kaplan at TriLake Animal Hospital examined him and had bloodwork done. A urinalysis showed blood and white cells in the urine.. Because Bucky had had surgery 5 years ago for bladder stones, x-rays were done. No stones! But we did have to do a urine culture. The exam also determined that Bucky had an infection in his ear due to speargrass. He also needed to have his teeth seen to as a dental x-ray indicated a minimum of two teeth needed to be extracted. While he was under anesthetic, they removed the speargrass, pulled 4 teeth, and removed and tested the tumours (which were non-cancerous). Bucky was kept in hospital to make sure he was in the best shape he could be before he went home. Bucky has recovered well. Unfortunately, we have not had any payments on this account which we paid. Total is $1,135.73.