The Basics

Age: 4 – 6 years old
Sex: Male
Medical: n/a


Bo came in as a stray to Critteraid and is lovingly referred to a “Bo Man”! It was told by a neighbour that his family moved and left him behind with his brother Mr. Jangles. He was on his own fending for himself for about a year and was pretty sad and beat up when he came to us. He is a gentle soul that follows you around and would be pet all day (if he could). He is excellent with other cats even if they are a bit hissy with him – he doesn’t do a thing. He is a thick solid handsome man with a heart of gold (aka a big lover).

Perfect Match

He needs someone who is patient and kind through the adjustment of a new home.

Before and After Photo (transformed into a healthy loving boy and ready for a family of his own):

Bo (3)

Videos of Bo:

Adopt Bo Man


May 29, 2017




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