On May 23, 2014, we received a phone call from Amanda Chaplin regarding a new born colt, injured and left to die alone on the trail behind the Summerland Research Station. We made several calls and finally were able to reach Sue, an experienced horse woman, who was able to attend and quickly triage the baby. As she got there, a male hiker carried the little foal right to her vehicle. Seeking the advice from a neighbor, Shelley, who recently had a new born rescue, Sue, Shelley and Amanda determined that the wee baby should go to One At A Time Success horse rescue after attending Okanagan Equine Veterinary Services. They took blood to find out what was going on with this little fellow and an LgG test revealed this foal obtained little or no colostrum. Dr. McDonald recommended a plasma transfusion and very kindly donated Excenel – an antibiotic to address any infection until the transfusion could be performed. Critteraid agreed to pay for those veterinary costs through donations from people who were following the story on Facebook. Thank-you to Sue and Shelley for responding to this request for help and to Treena, Shannon, Suzanne, Deb, Marion, Keith, Scott – on behalf of Laurie, and the Priebe Family Foundation for your generosity to ensure that Allbay’s veterinary costs were covered. For follow-up to this story and if you would like to provide additional donations for Allbay, please contact O.A.T.S. Horse Rescue on Facebook.

Allbay / Gigi

May 6, 2014


Allbay / Gigi