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Critteraid and our partners support animals in times of crisis. Find out how your donations are critical.

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Our Outreach Alumni


Lola, Sheena, Rocky

Update October 7th: Sheena is home now for good and is doing well, she is back to herself and is happy. She has her vision in her left eye and healing. Rocky is also doing great. They are both receiving laser to help speed up their recovery – they are amazing dogs. Rocky will still have a small surgery to check his inner ear. Thanks again to everyone for your support in aiding their recovery!

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Allbay / Gigi

On May 23, 2014, we received a phone call from Amanda Chaplin regarding a new born colt, injured and left to die alone on the trail behind the Summerland Research Station. We made several calls and finally were able to reach Sue, an experienced horse woman, who was able to attend and quickly triage the baby. As she got there, a male hiker carried the little foal right to her vehicle.




Rocko is a male, pitbull cross dog, only 8 months old. He is the life breath of his guardian, Todd, and has helped Todd through some incredibly tough times. Todd is on a medical disability due do seizures.

Critteraid received a call from a very good friend of Todd’s after Todd had exhausted every avenue for assistance for Rocko when he became ill.

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Midge is a female, blue heeler cross dog. She is a working dog and tends to a herd of goats in the Tulameen. In April of 2014, Midge was shot in her left front leg.

RCMP took the information from Midge’s guardian regarding the shooting but were not successful in finding the person who shot Midge at fairly close range.




A little Pomeranian needing urgent care in April 2014 was brought to us through a Home Care Worker from Keremeos. Brownie had damage to her eye and the family asked the Home Care Worker to turn the dog over to the local SPCA because they did not have the funds to have the dog vetted. The Home Care Worker called us from the SPCA because they weren’t able to take her.


In June of 2013, we helped a little Shih Tzu named Monty. Monty attended Lindsey Veterinary Hospital and was treated for speargrass removal by Dr. Nixon. Unfortunately, we have not had any payments on this account which Dr. Nixon so greatly reduced. Total is $207.11.




In February of 2013, Critteraid assisted a little male, senior Shih Tzu Mix, named Bucky. Bucky’s guardian was terribly worried because he was having difficulty eating, his breath smelled horribly, he had growths all over him that she was concerned about and he kept shaking his left ear. Dr. Pulfer and Dr. Kaplan at TriLake Animal Hospital examined him and had bloodwork done. A urinalysis showed blood and white cells in the urine.