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Critteraid and our partners support animals in times of crisis. Find out how your donations are critical.

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Critteraid is often found dealing with situations for neglected animals that are beyond what anyone can imagine in their worst nightmares. We are fortunate to have a network of emergency medical professionals, fur-foster parents and caring citizens who step up to help us time and time again with donations of time, money and medical attention. Without you, we would certainly be faced with devastating outcomes for these helpless and hurting animals, but because of you and your unsung generosity, we are able to turn many of these traumatic situations into positive experiences. More often than not we can give these animals a shot at what they deserve, which is to be loved, respected and cared for by their humans.

Below you will find our most urgent, dire and unfortunately expensive cases. These emergency cases are all uniquely sad in their own way and each one requires desperate attention in order to ensure these animals can have a shot at a new life.

Please view each animal and donate where ever you can.  Remember, lots of small donations add up to a lot, so please share your donation and encourage others around you to donate too! We love your support!

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You see me sitting, I’m not your problem.
You hear me crying, I’m not your problem.
You see my wounds, but I’m not your problem.
But whose problem am I?

Please show your support to ensure we don’t remain forgotten.

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Harman Ranch

Feral cats are forgotten souls. We are on a mission to change this for cats in the Okanagan. To us, rescue is not a verb, it is a promise. We need our community’s support to help us continue with this mission. We were called to Oliver by the RDOS on May 5, 2017. The response team arrived to find multiple dilapidated structures on a forty acre property.

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Ruby Roos

Who is a little Yorkie cross that has been shuffled from owner to owner and suffering from a massive amount of neglect. Such as a mouth full of rotten teeth that were so bad she was unable to eat and consequently was half the size she should have been since she arrived at Critteraid. This is not the worst part, she was made to have so many litters of puppies that her insides were a mess and very badly infected. She was not given the medical attention that she deserved; therefore suffering in silence.

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Mr. Jangles

A feral stray was found badly injured and starving in the yard of a good samaritan. Critteraid was called and he is now in our care; there will be major medical costs to provide him the medical attention he needs and deserves.

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Cara, Laddie, and Lassie

Cara (mama) and her two babies (Laddie and Lassie) were found in someone’s backyard dog house. All severely malnourished. This one mama if we didn’t get her off the street could be responsible for 15 more homeless cats (just her alone). She is now in our care. We will find loving homes for them all but first there are medical costs for all three and spay / neuter surgeries for them too.

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Padwick Sotheby aka Paddy Poop!

This little dude was found in the dumpster at McDonalds Penticton. A kind soul picked him up and made a promise that he would find some help. Critteraid Animal Director went into emergency mode, bundled him up in her arms and never let go!

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