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Critteraid and our partners support animals in times of crisis. Find out how your donations are critical.

The Animals Below Need Donations Urgently

Emergency Donations Needed Now!

We have had a very intense last year, rescuing cats all over the South Okanagan, taking in whole colonies, getting the cats healthy and ready for their new lives. We were also able to finally realize our dream of a cat nursery and so we managed to save over 50 kittens last season. Right now, we don’t have a pressing emergency, however, in the wake of the next kitten season just around the corner, our sanctuary could use your help to stock up on food and other items. In order to make it easier for those of you who want to help, we created “the AMAZING WISH LIST”!

Find the link here:

Please note the items have associated numbers to give you a sense of how many we may need.
The food isn’t limited to any number though because everyone is always hungry. 😝

All the critters in our care present and in the future, as well as all of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and donations. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your generous help!!



Critteraid is often found dealing with situations for neglected animals that are beyond what anyone can imagine in their worst nightmares. We are fortunate to have a network of emergency medical professionals, fur-foster parents and caring citizens who step up to help us time and time again with donations of time, money and medical attention. Without you, we would certainly be faced with devastating outcomes for these helpless and hurting animals, but because of you and your unsung generosity, we are able to turn many of these traumatic situations into positive experiences. More often than not we can give these animals a shot at what they deserve, which is to be loved, respected and cared for by their humans.

Below you will find our most urgent, dire and unfortunately expensive cases. These emergency cases are all uniquely sad in their own way and each one requires desperate attention in order to ensure these animals can have a shot at a new life.

Please view each animal and donate where ever you can.  Remember, lots of small donations add up to a lot, so please share your donation and encourage others around you to donate too! We love your support!

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You see me sitting, I’m not your problem.
You hear me crying, I’m not your problem.
You see my wounds, but I’m not your problem.
But whose problem am I?

Please show your support to ensure we don’t remain forgotten.

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