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Critteraid and our partners support animals in times of crisis. Find out how your donations are critical.

The Animals Below Need Donations Urgently

Emergency Donations Needed Now!

Critteraid is often found dealing with situations for neglected animals that are beyond what anyone can imagine in their worst nightmares. We are fortunate to have a network of emergency medical professionals, fur-foster parents and caring citizens who step up to help us time and time again with donations of time, money and medical attention. Without you, we would certainly be faced with devastating outcomes for these helpless and hurting animals, but because of you and your unsung generosity, we are able to turn many of these traumatic situations into positive experiences. More often than not we can give these animals a shot at what they deserve, which is to be loved, respected and cared for by their humans.

Below you will find our most urgent, dire and unfortunately expensive cases. These emergency cases are all uniquely sad in their own way and each one requires desperate attention in order to ensure these animals can have a shot at a new life.

Please view each animal and donate where ever you can.  Remember, lots of small donations add up to a lot, so please share your donation and encourage others around you to donate too! We love your support!

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You see me sitting, I’m not your problem.
You hear me crying, I’m not your problem.
You see my wounds, but I’m not your problem.
But whose problem am I?

Please show your support to ensure we don’t remain forgotten.

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Special Feature: Tazzy


This poor, sweet girl! She is going through so much right now. She and her litter mates were found on the side of the road in Midway. Some already hit by cars. Luckily some were alive when we got to them. It was a traumatic rescue for many and a rough start at life for these kitties. They were starting to regain health and wellness but unfortunately Tazzy had to be rushed to the vet this morning. Our gentle little Tazzy went into respiratory distress and is in Fairfield Animal Hospital overnight ventilated and sedated.

Any help for medical costs and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much everyone for your continued love and support. We will keep you updated!

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Kittens, Kittens, it’s Raining Kittens

Yes! It’s that time of year again where many feral, semi-feral and unsprayed female cats are getting “knocked up”. Pardon the French.

What to do? There are as many opinions out there about this issue as there are kittens.

Fact though, is: It’s not their fault! The discussions are ongoing, and hopefully someone will eventually come out with the gold standard of how to address this issue in our communities. In the meantime, Critteraid has all hands on deck, to help those deserving little rock stars to get the start into this world that they deserve. With the kind selfless help of a local vet and under the guidance of our animal director, Critteraid volunteers are pitching in to make sure the outcome is a good, solid, healthy life for all those babies. Currently, we have over 20 kittens in our care and they are thriving. It warms the heart to see these little guys making progress every single day.

If you agree with our approach, we are hoping that you can find it in your heart to donate today. It will help us to continue with our work to get them off to a great start. Thank you!


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Hello! They are calling me Marshall. I was hit by a car and a kind samaritan brought me to Critteraid. Through no fault of my own, I lost one of my hind legs. Let me tell you, that’s no walk in the park – no pun intended. But I must say, I am getting the best care and I am recovering very well. I think once I am all healed, I will be able to go home with someone, and live my best life three legs and all. I am very affectionate and a total purr box. Right now, I have to be in a special crate, until I have fully recovered. I would love it if you came to visit me. I love people so so much. Please come.
My surgery was costly, so if you can find it in your heart to donate a bit towards it, that would make me feel very special. I hope we will meet soon.


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Vixen, Dancer and Prancer

Hello. I am Prancer. I came to the farm on a cold winter’s day last year, just before Christmas, together with my brother Dancer and my step sister Vixen. I was only 17 days old and the fate intended for us was to be a waste product. But… oh boy! Fate changed. Instead of being chucked out like garbage, we were saved and now, a few months later, we are able to live our best life on the Critteraid Farm.

Once again, the Critteraid team made the impossible possible. They kept us fed, warm and clean round the clock for weeks on end, so that we now get to experience the warm light of spring and can frolic in the sunshine, nibbling away on fresh green blades of grass with our other cow friends Chyna, Gabe and Annabelle.

We are beyond grateful, but our care is ongoing and in order to keep thriving, we will need your support. The new weather patterns make hay prices go through the roof and there is the occasional vet check up…..soooooo….may we count on you?? Please come and see us sometime and find out just how super cute we are….

Yours, truly, Prancer, Dancer and Vixen



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Hullohhhhhh! I’m Ruby, a 2 year-old piggy girl. I was lost and injured when a farmer found me and brought me to Critteraid. I am so lucky to have found a nice home, a new girlfriend and this incredibly  nice group of people, who go above and beyond the call of duty to care for me. I was very scared when I first came here, but I have since learned to trust. It’s awesome! Me and my bestie are so happy together. We get to go on daily walks, are allowed to roam and are being taught “stuff” such as to sit and greet people.

Our care is ongoing though, and so we are reaching out to you. Your donations will help us to continue to thrive and live our life at this volunteer run farm. Can you help?

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