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Adoption prevents pet overpopulation, adoption costs less, adoption saves lives and adoption gives animals a second chance. There are so many benefits to consider when adopting a pet and we hope you will consider meeting your new best friend through CritterAid’s adoptable animals. For the current list of available animals and to complete an application please visit our Animal Adoption page.



Critteraid undertakes a number of fundraising activities on an annual basis. Over the years, we have explored a variety of these fundraisers and we are very proud of our annual endeavours to raise funds for the animals in our care. If you have an idea for fundraising or want to get involved as a volunteer please get in touch with us. You can read more on our Fundraising page.



We often receive cases where animals require life saving veterinary care and/or are in need of items to significantly improve their quality of life.  We are always looking for generous sponsors to assist with these special circumstances. If you are interested in sponsoring a CritterAid animal please visit our sponsorship page and read more about the animals that currently require assistance.



CritterAid has partnered with other animal welfare organizations, city pounds as well as individuals to place animals in safe and secure foster situations.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to one of our animals in need please visit our foster page where you will find all of the required information including our CritterAid Fostering application.



The Critteraid Charity Thrift Shoppe is located at 13208 Victoria Street North, in Summerland BC. It has become the mothership of our fundraising efforts.  If you are in Summerland and want to stop by either to make a donation or to pick up items for yourself it is always greatly appreciated!



Although we apply for grants on a continual basis, whether they are governmental, corporate or philanthropic, it is the individual donations of ordinary people that have sustained us over all these years. We consider those people “extraordinary”.  If you are one of these extraordinary people we would love to hear from you! You can read more about how CritterAid accepts donations over on our donation page.



Critteraid exists and operates through the goodwill, cooperation and generosity of its volunteers. We are always in need of more volunteers for a variety of activities.  Without hesitation, we acknowledge and applaud the volunteers at Critteraid who give so generously of their time to assist animals in need.  If you are interested in becoming a CritterAid Volunteer please visit our Volunteering section and complete an application form today!


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