Critteraid Farm

In July 2005, Critteraid purchased a beautiful 10 acre spread which we have called Critteraid Farm.

The move to the Farm was bittersweet after many learning and memorable years in Trout Creek. The result though is a comfortable, bright and easy to clean sanctuary for our feline wards and barns and pasture for our cows Gabe, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, our lovely pigs Mr. Banks, Opal and Ruby, Mama Rosie and her crew, the alpacas Zach and Gideon, the llamas Alex and Dee Dee, the chickens, the ducks and our mare Charm.

We are continuously working on improving our grounds and our long-term plans include memorial gardens, reflecting pool at the riparian area and a columbarium.

Critteraid Farm has brought an eclectic assortment of characters coming together to provide sanctuary for the animals in our care. This is a special place, with special beings and an energy that is welcoming and encouraging.

Special Farm Projects

critter-aid-favRunning a farm requires time and money! We are always looking for help in both of these areas. Please see a list of the special projects that are ongoing around the Critteraid Farm and consider a donation to the project that speaks to you.

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Farm Volunteers Wanted!

critter-aid-favIf you can volunteer your time to help with chores and projects around the farm we would be grateful!  Please see the list of jobs that we always need filled to make life more comfortable for all the animals in our care.

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