Who To Contact In A Pinch.

Sometimes you just need to know who to call in specific situations. Critteraid has the list of professionals that are available to help in specific situations. If you are a resource provider and would like to be listed here please contact us for more information.

There are many different rescue organizations working towards a common goal. We all have at least two things in common: Love and Compassion for Animals!

Critteraid wants nothing more than to rescue every single animal that needs our help! The kicker is that in order to keep operating, we desperately depend on the kindness and generosity of those who donate money and volunteer their valuable time. Only as far as these things extend, can we can continue to help the less fortunate.

It is important for people to know that there are other amazing organizations doing tremendous work in this same regard. These are selfless people coming together for a common goal of helping animals in need. It feel so rewarding to work with such compassion and every life we save means the world to us all.

Please remember that if you or someone you know needs desperate help for an animal and are finding that everywhere you turn there is none available. Promise us that you will keep trying each one of the other wonderful organizations (such as the Okanagan Cat Coalition) until you find one with enough current resources to help you. Like us and many others, they will endeavor to help where they can. Big thank you to all our “rescue friends”. Please don’t give up – together we have each others back!

Okanagan Cat Coalition is an umbrella group of rescues devoted to reducing the stray cat population in the Okanagan:

Alley Cats Alliance, SPCA, TRACS, Okanagan Humane Society, Critteraid