Our Flagship – The Cat Sanctuary

The Summerland Cat Sanctuary is the “flagship” of Critteraid. Operating at far beyond capacity, the sanctuary encompasses one entire floor of the house at the Critteraid Farm. Floors are heated and rooms have been renovated and designed in order for daylight to flow through the windows. All the cat rooms feature doors opening out to various patios, allowing all of the cats in our care to experience fresh air and to bask in the sun in a danger free outdoors zone. Visitors can spend cuddle time with them in the rooms or can observe them through glass doors and from the outside.

In our ongoing optimization efforts, in the spring of 2020 the sanctuary kitchen has undergone massive renovations and our intake rooms have been upgraded as well, allowing for a smooth assessment procedure when the cats arrive at our doors.

The cats that find their way to Critteraid are no longer unwanted, abused or homeless. Often they are hurt or ill and most likely would not have survived. Many are feral and the Critteraid volunteers provide them with unconditional love, helping them to come around and getting used to our care. We don’t treat them as victims, but as loved, sentient souls who are asked nothing of…other than to learn to be happy. We are proud of our tremendous success of earning the trust of so many of these special, fascinating creatures and the resulting adoptions.

Our Adoption Procedure

Our adoption procedure begins with interested adopters completing an Application to Adopt form. When that is done, we will send representatives to visit the adopter in their home and learn directly from them what they are looking for and what their expectations are. After that, potential adopters are invited to visit the cats themselves. Our Animal Care Director knows every cat in our care to the core and has proven exceptionally gifted in matching up the right cat with the right adopters.

Although we do have cats that live at our sanctuary as residents, every cat is potentially adoptable at Critteraid, from the wildest feral to the cat that has a chronic virus. It all depends on the adopter and the situation at hand. We have been able to witness for a while now that very special people seem to be drawn to very special cats. The bonds that can develop are truly magnificent and a gentle hand that strokes a special needs cat is always indicative of a full and happy heart.

Some of our cats are bonded with others and will have to be adopted together with their special friend. Others would love to just live a retired life without any other pets in the house. Some like dogs, some are fearful of them. Many, we just don’t know how they will respond to a dog at close range. Some need the comfort and warmth of a bed and others have never even seen a bed and don’t have a clue what it is.

All of the cats at Critteraid will be spayed or neutered when they leave our sanctuary.

Our nursery makes it possible for us to also raise kittens, so we often have some kittens that are available for adoption, after they have been raised mostly in foster families and have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered.

Our oldest resident was Marmie March, once a feral, who turned 24 in April 2006. Representing all the cats in the photograph on the About Us page is our beloved Earless Oddsock, who passed away at Critteraid in 2004. He had lived on the back streets of Naramata for a number of years, a fish hook attached to his side. When we finally managed to catch him, we were delighted and awestruck to discover that he was not the fierce wildcat, but a sweet, grateful and very forgiving soul.

We are very aware that due to our own limited capacity, there are still cats we have to turn away. Awareness increases our incentive to act and we hope that people will be increasingly motivated to speak up for the animals who are forgotten for so many different reasons. We are confident that if everyone can find the courage to make their voices heard with kindness, the shift will come and our society will no longer be in such a crisis with so many unwanted pets.

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