Rona is looking for an active home that will get him out and about every day. Rona is more comfortable off the leash than on the leash as he has had some bad experiences while on the leash. Rona is working with a trainer to face his fears and is looking for a dedicated owner that will continue with his training. Once this guy is bonded to you, he is yours for life. He likes people, but can be nervous, timid, and protective of himself around people he does not know. Rona did not get the proper socialization and training at a young age due to the covid-19 pandemic, so Rona needs a confident owner. He needs someone who will let him know that he is safe and that there are rules he has to follow. Rona can be a major cuddle bug on the couch and he loves to nestle right in beside you if you'll let him. Rona does have some triggers that give him anxiety and cause him a lot of stress. These include but are not limited to people with walking sticks, people wearing reflective vests and dogs on leashes that bark at him or come up to him while he is on leash.

Rona would do best in a quiet home with no other dogs. He can easily live with a dog-savvy kitty though. He would do best in a home without young children or the stresses of a lot of people coming around all the time. Rona is a companion dog, he would be happiest if it was just him and a single person or him and a couple. Someone who is active and will take Rona for adventures outside of the normal walk around the block. Rona loves the ball and he will show you that he can practically fly with how fast he is. He'll bring it right back for another go until your arm feels like it is going to fall off.

Rona does have his specific dog friends and does well with them as long as he knows he is safe. Rona has been going to Doggy Daycare for 1+ years and is comfortable with the dogs he knows there, both on and off leash. It will take some time for Rona to settle into his new home, but if you show this guy all of the love and devotion he needs, he will give it back ten-fold.

If you are interested in meeting and adopting Rona, please fill out an adoption application. The Dog House Director will be happy to answer any and all questions that you have about Rona and facilitate a meet and greet with him.

General Information:
Breed: New Zealand Heading Dog / Border Collie Cross
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Coloration: Black & White

Medical Information:
Vaccinated: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes

Dogs in home: No
Dogs on leash: No
Dogs off leash: Yes
Cats in home: Yes
Cats on leash: Yes
Cats off leash: Yes
Kids under 15 years old: No
Kids over 15 years old: Possibly with supervision to see how he feels.



Length of Stay at Critteraid

Under 100 Days

Life Stage


Type of Animal


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