Mack is what my close friends call me, but you may call me MacKenzie!  I had kittens young and tried my best to street raise them.  I was brought in and was very protective over my wonderful little Mountain Range babies.

I soon learnt to trust and now rule the kitchen.  My kids have all grown-up and gotten homes of their own.  Crazy how time flies, I even got to help with two orphaned kittens.  The kitchen is my favourite place, my Critteraid family even had an island built just for me I believe!  This Christmas I was given a special blanket and am very impatient when waiting for it to be cleaned.

Hard to believe I know, but I do love to mark (in my own special way) areas in the kitchen that are special to me, your coats, or bags that you may leave on my island or anywhere in the kitchen!  You have been warned.

Life Stage




Length of Stay at Critteraid

500-1000 Days

Type of Animal


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