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Meet our Critteraid Cats That Need Your Help Today!

critteraid cat adoption


We have many amazing rescues who would LOVE to find their furever homes soon.

Please email info@critteraid.org to book an appointment to meet your furrrever friend! 


Adoption is an amazing way to support your local community. When you adopt a Critteraid animal you’re not only gaining a new best friend, but you’re also giving your new best friend a well deserved second chance. Critteraid requires that all potential new parents fill out the appropriate application in order to qualify.

Here is a message from Mr. Stripey, one of Critteraid’s sweet permanent residents:

“Hello there, dear interested cat adopter. Thank you so much for stopping by.

We used to feature all of my fellow Critteraid companions on this page, but as it happens, we’re literally so cute that we get adopted faster than they can take our photos.  However, we have quite a few wonderful cats and sometimes kittens available for adoption. So if you feel like you want to give one or several of us a home, please send an email to info@critteraid.org for more info and photos of available cats and our administration will get in touch with you.

Thank you so much! It’s in your hands to make a great difference in our lives.

Mr. Stripey

Gender: male
Location: Critteraid
Breed: ginger
Medical Condition: N/A
Adoption Status: Sponsor only

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