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Adopting an animal comes with so many perks, and in addition helps the lives of various fuzzy friends. At Critteraid, we recognize the importance of animal adoption and how it affects the world around us. There are a variety of reasons as to why our company devotes so much effort into animal adoption. To give our community a better understanding, we’ve detailed a list of our top reasons to adopt a pet this summer! 

You will save a life.

adopt dont shop bc animalThere is no better reason on our list than this one. Saving the life of an animal in need is a great feeling. By adopting a pet you reduce the amount of animals that go without a home and save those in need. Many people often look past taking home a rescue animal when they look to buy a pet. Opening up your home to a furry companion from your local shelter can greatly impact the lives of thousands of animals. 

A new friendly face!

Many pets who wind up in shelters like ours are there because of a problem with the owners. Whether that be a busy work schedule, move, or divide in the family, animals in our rescue usually arrive by no fault of their own. Oftentimes, they are house trained and simply looking for a loving family to claim ownership. 

Lower cost.

bc animal adoptionWhen you first look into adding a new member to your family there can be many additional up-front costs. For example: neutering/spaying and getting your pets vaccinations. When you go the adoption route, many of these are included which reduces the initial price paid. 

Animal adoption is a great way to save a life and give a Penticton animal the loving attention they deserve. Not only will you be helping the animal you take home, but the several others in need of urgent care. Contact us today to learn more about animal adoption Penticton or to find a pet. We hope you’ll join us in providing homes for animals in need!

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