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Critteraid is a pet rescue serving Kelowna

Pet rescue in Kelowna is a service borne from necessity. While we would love it if pets never had to be rescued, we recognize that our services will always be required. On some level, pet rescue in Kelowna can be a thankless job. It’s costly, it’s time consuming and oftentimes it’s painfully heartbreaking. However, the best thing about rescuing pets that have been abandoned or abused is seeing their second chance manifest. 

The second chance that cats, kittens, puppies, horses and more have been given over the years is second to none. When a kind soul comes forward to provide money, shelter and necessities for these downtrodden animals it’s nothing short of heartwarming. Families, individuals, and senior citizens continue to be a part of Critteraid’s adoption success. These wonderful people open up their homes to fostering and long term care. They answer our calls for donations, medical supplies, and money that is so desperately needed to care and tend to these animals. 

Rescue animals often require costly medical care

pet rescue organization in KelownaPets that require rescue are often in bad shape because they have often been neglected. These animals come to us requiring desperate medical attention. We have a number of veterinarians who generously lend their support.  However, medication and surgery expenses add up for some of our animals in care.  We are always so grateful to our team of caring professionals as well as our extended Critteraid family. 

If you live in the Kelowna area and are looking for pet rescue services then give us a call. Whatever your circumstances are; if you need to give up a pet because your situation has changed or if you’re looking to adopt. We would love to hear from you. Our team works tirelessly to give animals in our care a second chance and we can’t do it without your help.

Get in touch with us today, to see how you can continue to make our organization a success!  You can also follow us on Instagram for up to date information. 

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