Are you thinking of getting an animal but are unsure whether to go to the pet store, breeder, or a pet rescue facility in Kelowna? Here are 10 reasons why you should adopt an animal from a rescue facility.

You’re saving a life

All animals in shelters have ended up there for many different reasons. They may have been lost or abandoned, but when you rescue one of these animals, you could potentially be saving their lives.

pet rescue kelownaBreaking pet overpopulation

Unfortunately there are not enough homes available for all the animals born in a single year, and because of that there are over 10 million pets euthanized each year, because there are not enough homes. Adopting an animal from a rescue facility helps break the cycle of pet overpopulation.

You can adopt animals of any age

If you’re looking for a pet that isn’t as energetic as a pup or kitten, that is also well trained, then adopting is perfect as you can find animals of all ages. Most of these adult animals are already well trained, meaning less time you’ll need to spend working with them on basic commands.

More selection of animals

Rescue shelters tend to have many different types of animals, and different breeds of each. Meaning you have a large selection to choose from. Way more than you would get at any pet store.

pet rescue kelownaAnimals receive good care upon arrival

Animals that comes to shelters are taken in by very experienced people. They will be given vaccinations right away, and will also go through checks to ensure their behavior is normal.

Cost effective

Adopting an animal is much easier on your bank account, as most pet adoption facilties have low adoption fees, which are much less than you would spend on a purebred. Purebreed’s can sometimes exceed $1000, depending on the breed and breeder’s fees.

Those are just a few of many reasons why adopting an animal from a pet rescue facility in Kelowna is the best option when it comes to getting a pet. For more information about adoption, contact us at Critteraid today!

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