We have a new boy with us and he’s had a really rough start. In fact, most of our cats who are from colonies or ferals have similar stories and often extensive dental and medical issues. Tom is a total love bug but he’s in pain. He needs a dental overhaul and we need your help. It will cost us approximately $2000 and that is a lot of money – an amount an animal rescue doesn’t usually have to spare.

So for Valentine’s Day we ask that you consider donating to Tom’s teeth in your loved one’s honour and give the gift of alleviating pain and allowing a cat to have a good life! I mean really, rather than sweets that can rot your own teeth, why not something sweet that can fix Tom Sawyer’s teeth?

Here is our sweet boy giving Valentine love:

To donate: click the link below and put “Tom Sawyer” in the comment section to indicate what the money is for. We will send a personalized email confirmation that you can print off and place in a card for the ones you love 💙

Thank you for helping our boy. We will keep you updated on his progress as we drive down the road to recovery … we LOVE knowing he will soon be pain free!!


Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Animal Sanctuary Society

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