Critteraid Okanagan animal shelter had a banner year when it came to residents of the Okanagan stepping up and helping out with generosity and kindness for some of our less fortunate creatures that were left in undesirable situations in 2017. Whether it was monetary donations, donations of bedding, toys, food, supplies, medicine and urgent medical care, we continue to be amazed at the caring folks in our community who continually step up to help out those who can’t help themselves.

As an Okanagan animal shelter that takes in stray cats, dogs, and livestock our job rallying the troops and calling attention to animals in need never stops. This is why we are starting our campaigns early with a rallying cry for more volunteers for 2018. We know that many of you take a look at your schedules in the early part of the year and decide where you will dedicate your volunteer hours and we want to compel you to consider helping a local animal shelter with these top three reasons.

okanagan animal shelter,dog rescue okanagan,penticton spcaNumber one :: You have no more room for new pets

Well, you’re obviously an animal lover if you’re reading this post, so chances are that you are bursting at the seams in terms of space for housing any more of your own fur babies. Your lack of space doesn’t mean that you can’t scratch that new pet itch in another productive way. Often times Critteraid has a long list of feral cats at their Okanagan animal shelter who need regular socialization before they can be introduced into a forever home. This means that you can visit (or foster) a feral cat on the regular. The benefit to you is you get a little less in the commitment department, but you can still enjoy cuddles and pets while greatly improving the quality of life for a kitty that may have otherwise been deemed unadoptable.

Number two :: Improve your mental health!

Everyone has health on the top of their new year’s resolutions list, but have you considered your mental health? Studies have shown that volunteering greatly improves your mental well being. Volunteering your time to those in need lowers stress levels, makes you feel appreciated and improves your mood. What better way to stimulate all that mental happiness when you combine active volunteerism with animals in need from your local animal shelter? We can’t think of any!

animal rescue okanagan,cat shelter okanagan,cat rescue okanaganNumber three :: Join a community and make a real difference!

Okanagan animal shelters are constantly clawing for every dollar they can get their paws on to stay afloat and make sure that animals are taken care of in the best way possible. By joining our active team of volunteers, you’ll be joining a community of like minded people who are fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. You could be the difference to making an adoption connection for an animal in need, motivating more volunteers to join or movement and even drawing attention to potential donors for life saving medical supplies and treatment. Our work never ends and being a part of an animal loving community is what keeps us all going.

So whether you are new to volunteering, or you’re a veteran volunteer who is looking for a new place to dedicate your time, we would love to hear from you and show you all the benefits of what volunteering at an Okanagan animal shelter like Critteraid feels like.

Please consider donating your time to our organization in 2018; the cuddles await!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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