** July 13 at 2pm important update: the Salvation Army drop is incorrect and it’s actually 1480 Sutherland Ave Kelowna, BC. Apologies. You can alternatively connect with us to ask for where to meet up or drop donations. Thank you!

Oh wow it’s been a busy day of collecting supplies. Thank you to everyone who managed to fill one volunteer’s car and start packing another full of goodies.
We have a long way to go still and a change of gears.
Right now we have learned the immediate priority for our already received and incoming donations is based in Kelowna. There are so many people being directed to the city now who have been evacuated due to fire. Unfortunately there is no place for their pets!!! So not only do many come with minimal personal possessions but the horror of what to do with their beloved dog, cat, bird, reptile, rodent, horse companion, etc!!

Can you imagine?!!
We can and that’s why we want to help.
1. First of all these evacuees are desperate for FOSTERS.
We need your space for these beloved pets until it’s safe for evacuees to go home. Every animal group and the usual foster rosters are at their max so now is the time. We will help to provide supplies and ensure you feel supported.
HOW TO SAY YES: Private message here, email, or text/call us on the animal director’s line at: 250 488 3226 to tell us you’ll help, what kind of animal you can accommodate and how many ASAP.
2. Please keep the donations coming!!
Contact us through any of the above means asap. We can collect donations, inform you of one of many drop off locations and make all sorts of arrangements to make this work!

Not just pet supplies although desperate for beds, carriers, food, water and food dishes, leashes, poop bags and litter, but also essentials (water, non perishable food, clothing, toiletries, diapers, baby duppkies, etc) for the people who are literally waiting to hear when they can return home and IF they have a home to go back to.
Sigh – Let’s hope they ALL do.

This is a horrible time for so many people. Help them feel just a bit of comfort lots of us are enjoying in our currently safe and fire-risk-free homes. Community is what makes the world go ’round and pets make a house a home.
Like, share and comment to share the word and please open your hearts and help.
Thank you so much!


Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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